Friday, July 18, 2008

Pip's still at Bend

Bend was interesting. The drive was... um, long. I was hauling the golf cart. Got stuck in Tacoma traffic and went to light a ciggy, NO FREAKING LIGHTER! GAH!! Then I remembered one was in the golf cart glove box, perfect excuse to stop at the first rest stop and let Ms. Pippi out for a walk about.

It was hot. It was long. It was beautiful. I'd never been to the east side of the mountains in Washington or Oregon. The high desert is an interesting place.

I don't have pictures from this week, I'm going back next week for two days.

He was a Cheeky Monkey in the over fences on show day. He had schooled, brilliantly on Tuesday, the show rings are grass. Schooling ring is sand. He jumped in the schooling area well, went to the ring and STOPPED. This horse never stops. He kept doing it. He was awful. We made him jump 2 more classes besides the Baby Green. He finally went around, though it wasn't pretty.

Then he won the hack - it was big there were 18 horses in it. He kept his wits about him and just marched around one of the longest hacks ever.

Second show day for him was nearly as bad. He stopped, he wiggled, he was not playing. I left ringside and sat on the golf cart far away. He went around for his last class but it was not pretty.

I have to think about what is going on in his little pea brain. We have added a martingale and a metal bit (he normally goes in a rubber snaffle) that helped a little. I think he might be not so keen on the grass. In the schooling area he is brilliant - gets in the ring and canters to the first jump and just says "no".

No rest for the wicked, he probably won't get any days off this week, and he shows again next week at the second Bend show. Oy.

Results from Bend I

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