Friday, July 18, 2008

Pip jumps some big ones! June 6th

Morgan went nuts. He started tiny. I built the oxers on the diagonals a little larger, 3 foot or there abouts. Then there was an oxer on the long side, and that went up once during the school. To nearly 3'6"!! :jaw: My baby jumped it once and was SPECTACULAR!!!! He just marched on down the the biggest thing he has ever jumped, found the perfect gap and jumped the snot out of it.

As a reward for being such a good boy I didn't get on him for my little trot around the ring. Although I have added cantering to the mix. He didn't deserve to have to have me motor around on him.

This horse is the real deal. I'm pretty excited about him. Three more days until they leave for Hood River.

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