Friday, July 18, 2008

Pip gets cast - again From June 4th

Last night Pip managed to get himself upside down right in front of the door. Oy. :faint:

We were all talking at the end of the aisle and hear this tapping, tippy tapping. Chaps, Morgan's dog was quicker to pick up something was going on than the rest of us. I walked down the aisle to see what was up. It was Pip.

He started to scramble a bit more. Morgan managed to get in the stall, without getting hurt. Pip settled down, guess he figured he was going to get help. Morgan threw my cotton (yay for cotton!!) lead around both his front legs and pulled his front end around. Not an easy task, they were calling him a double wide earlier in the day! He only weighs 1150 lbs. At least it wasn't Abbie or some of the other HUGE horses we have in now. Pip sorted himself out and got up. Shook. Then decided Morgan needed to be chewed on. After Morgan checked him out and left the stall he stuck his head out and tried to suck on my hair. His version of a thumb. Then went back to eating hay.

He will be the death of me yet.

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