Friday, July 18, 2008

On the road From June 9th

I think this horse really likes to go for rides. I also think that is the understatement of the year. He nearly ran Jose over to get on the rig and put himself into his slot. We are shipping commercially to Hood River. Air ride, 4 horses on a 12 horse rig, every one gets a stall and a half. He probably won't want to get off when they come home in a week.

I guess liking to go, correction, LOVING to get on the rig and go to horse shows is a REALLY good thing in a show horse. We have a pretty light schedule this year, I don't know what he would be like if he did this week in and week out but he does seem to think going is the best thing since beet pulp.

I'm going on Tuesday for two days with the old lady - Coltsfoot Pippi Longstocking. She went with me last year - the other two will be at the kennel. They don't mind too much, Kobe is never thrilled to go but he seems to like the people there.

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