Tuesday, August 19, 2008

At Thunderbird!

For Summer Festival! I have no pictures yet. I'm sure Becca will send me some. I'm staying home for the duration. I did drive up and take the golf cart for the EVFians to use. Good thing too, the place is large, we are stabled in the back, in the corner, in the dark with no way to get the rig in to unload so Evie came in handy yesterday, saved every one's back and arms!

The flotilla left late - for the Great White North - actually the Great Wet North. Langley has the same sort of weather we do. Yay for rain sheets, and actually buying one since I'm programmed that way from my former life in the Midwest. I never thought the thing was going to get used in the summer here but it looks as though it will.

Speaking of my former life in the Midwest - Chris Starr from Michigan, now California is here. All grown up! I think the last time I saw him he was 16. I hope he has a fabulous show.

Molly, catch rider extraordinaire, has a new ride for this show, the wonderful jumper Wavelength. I so hope that she has a great time. Tilly knows everything and will give Molly some great experience and FUN!

Pip has never shown in the rain, there might be puddles in the ring, I hope he doesn't stop to play in them while he is supposed to be going to the jump. Or in the undersaddle!! That would be really bad, funny, but really bad. He LOVES playing in puddles. This is at home.

We had three trailers going up. The stallion rode in his owner's lovely three horse with living quarters, by himself. Pip came out and saw the ramp down and made a hard left to get on as Morgan was leading him past it. Oy. Morgan had an interesting time convincing him that was not his ride, then Pip saw Morgan's six horse and RAN up the ramp. The horse is a nut.

Show starts tomorrow. Results will be here - however they managed to spell my last name wrong. Interesting. They fixed it!

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