Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This horse is a nut...

Training continues - Pip walks so slow out to the ring one thinks he is an old man... he marched around on the flat like a good boy and then Morgan added some jumps. Little cross rail bounce with placement rails on either end. Now he is awake! Tries to canter the exercise, won't stop when he canters away, doesn't go any faster just won't stop.

He FINALLY decides to listen, jumps through correctly so Morgan got off and decided to turn him loose in the indoor ring. Pip and Morgan were chasing each other around, Morgan would kick dirt at him and Pip would swing his butt to him and kick dirt back at Morgan. Oy. Pip wasn't that interested in running around but did airs above the ground and carried on a bit.

Then Morgan ties the lead rope to the other side of the halter, gets on him bareback and rides him back to the groom stall. Pip goes like an old man again.

Pip is a nut and so is Morgan.

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