Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finally getting it!

Pip had great schools all this week. On Friday he was so good he and Morgan went out to the track and motored around. He probably opened his step another 2 feet while they "galloped" the track. He probably has a 15 foot stride or there abouts. At the shows with the lower fences he needs to figure out the 12 foot step to make the lines work and not look awkward and no leaving out a step either.

That is what they have been working on and he is waiting to the jumps, jumping out of the deep one instead of the long one. Although he still protests at times, it is vocally not physically. He really is coming along.

He is getting bigger too. I need to buy him a new blanket in a 76 or 78. His 72 isn't going to fit this year. He is going to be wearing one of Scooter's old Stoney Ridge blankets for awhile since it fits. I thought I had a navy one but I must have given it away. I can't find it. Of course, I haven't really looked for it either. Scooter's big Rambos are at the barn for turn outs and an old cooler is there too, along with one of my old Irish knits. Pip is using Scooter's old Stoney Ridge Irish knit and I will take his dress sheet down today. It is covered in Pippi hair.

He gets body clipped today. Poor punkin'.

The boxes of The Plaid Horse magazine have arrived and been taken to the farm. Pip saw the cover and was very impressed with himself. He loves paper with writing on it. He must touch it. Maybe he can read and we don't know. He is always putting his nose and sometimes teeth on the course diagrams at the shows.

Off to make the beet pulp.

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