Thursday, September 4, 2008


Pip has been schooling - lightly for the past couple of weeks. He has been a very good boy, except on walkabout the other day. The infield of the track has been set up for a horse show this weekend, it will be the jumper ring. Flags flapping. He was supposed to be "babysitting" a dressage horse who has been converted to a jumper, the horse is a year older than he is. Well that horse got a little worried so Pip took off! Like breaking the starting gate race horse took off! Morgan had the rubber D in his mouth, they were headed for the track rail. Oh MY!! I've never seen him move that fast. It didn't last - precisely the reason WHY he is not a race horse. Morgan was pulling on his face, and Pip just said "Never mind, just kidding." Brat.

The allergy shots are going well. So far. Wish us luck. We are still on the most diluted set of injections. I am also considering trying acupuncture for him and his allergies.

Pippi is still not home. They told me that it would be 2-4 weeks before they would have her ashes back. I just want my girl home.

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